Canoe Building Resources

If you’re interested in purchasing some books on canoe- and kayak-building, please visit my online store at

Here are some of the online resources I’ve found useful.

Canoe Plans and Building Resources: — Bear Mountain Boat Shop. A great resource for plans and other information. — Blue Heron Kayaks. One of the best resources on the web (in my opinion) for building strip kayaks. The forum is a treasure trove of information for kayak and canoe builders alike. If you’re into building kayaks, check out Kayak Foundry, a CAD program for designing your own kayak. — NorthWest Canoe. Another great resource for canoe plans (some of which are free). Site includes a builder’s forum. — A community dedicated to discussing boat plans and boat building — A blog by a builder of wooden craft. — Chair caning instructions in case you want to cane your own canoe seats.

Materials (in and around the greater Toronto area): — Noah’s Marine Supply. A source for fiberglass, resin, and various boat-building supplies. — Composites Canada. Another supplier of fiberglass and resin in the GTA. — Oliver Lumber. The best supplier of boatbuilding-grade lumber in the GTA. Located in Campbellville.


Here’s a video of a  true artist from Quebec who builds a birch bark canoe from raw materials. Watch him go from cutting down a tree to paddling a beautiful boat. Amazing.

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