Stripping the deck

February 25, 2016 § Leave a comment

In the last post, I described drawing the design on a length of vapor barrier. In this post shows the result (in progress).

Essentially, I ran two strips (consisting of light cedar sandwiched between walnut) down the center of the deck. At a certain point, the accent strips split and then meet again at the stern. Before I physically split the accent strips, I stripped the edges of the deck with cedar (overlapping the line where the accent strip would be). Then I transferred the line to the cedar and sawed off the excess. With thickened epoxy, the accent strips were affixed to the edge of the cedar. Finally, I started stripping the center of the deck with some Douglas Fir that I had. The contrast between the cedar (which darkens a lot under epoxy) and the fir (which doesn’t) should look pretty cool.

Finally on to the deck

February 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

So much for my vow (to myself at least) to be a better blogger. The fact is that a lot of the steps I would have written about have been covered in other posts, so I want to avoid being redundant. Sounds better than admitting to laziness, eh?

At any rate, I’ve started work on the deck, but before I get into that, I thought I’d include a few snapshots of the hull. The first picture might give you the impression that I want to camouflage the kayak as a leopard, but the reality is that there were a few (okay, more than a few) gaps between the strips. I’ve read that this isn’t uncommon and I know that these little gaps won’t be evident once the blotches are sanded off, so I’ve included the picture in the spirit of transparency. In my first few builds, I used to fill screw holes on the stems with the same stuff I used to fill gaps (epoxy and sawdust). This looked ugly because the epoxy was always darker than the ash that I used for the stems. Now I drill out the holes and glue in short lengths of dowel that are  later cut off and sanded down. It’s still visible, but less gross looking. And finally, there’s a picture of the hull being fiberglassed.

For the deck, I decided to use a template. To this end, I stapled a length of vapor barrier to the forms. I then bent a scrap length of cedar and traced the line onto the plastic with a sharpie. I then traced this line onto the other side of the plastic and then folded it open to reveal two matching halves.

The idea here is to have an accent strip of that consists of a pair of: two thin walnut strips sandwiching a light cedar strip (imagine an oreo cookie). From the bow, these pairs of three thin strips will split, approach the gunwales, and then join again at the stern.



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