Adding an accent strip

May 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

Funny how posts on “stripping” garner the highest number of blog visits…

At any rate, I’m just about done the accent strip, which consists of alternating light and dark western red cedar sandwiched between two strips of douglas fir.

I’ll soon transition to bead and cove strips to more easily strip the curve of the bilge.

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§ 3 Responses to Adding an accent strip

  • Daniel González Cortés says:

    Do you use accent strips for visual purposes only? or Does it have any structural purpose as well?

    • rstruck says:

      The accent strip – all of the strips, for that matter – are structural only inasmuch as they give the fiberglass a shape. The real strength of the canoe comes from the fiberglass rather than the wood. If you are talking about the most recent canoe (the one with the alternating light and dark pieces), the design is purely aesthetic and does nothing in terms of strength.

  • Thank you very much for write me back. I am trying to build a kayak so I am doing the drawings while I am saving money and buying some lumber for my project. I am in Chile so I don´t know anyone who builds with this technique. So I was doing some research about strips and butt joinery. How do you do it?

    By the way. Your work is beatiful.


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