Installing the seats

April 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today saw one of the last steps in the construction of the canoe — installing the seats. This is definitely one area in which you want to measure twice, cut once and to make plenty of allowance for adjustments. My initial measurements were made as follows:

The cardboard measures 10 inches from the bottom of the canoe while the adjustable cross-piece enables me to measure length. The masking tape on the gunwales marks the location of the front of the seat.

I`d had all kinds of notions of fancy seat hangers. In the end, I opted for simple lengths of ash that I had left over from ripping the gunwales. Because the hangers were pretty narrow, I opted to use stainless screws (rather than carriage bolts) and a dollop of dookie schmutz to fasten the seat to the hangers and the resulting assembly from the gunwales.

The final result appears as follows:

All that’s left now is varnishing. Almost three months to the day from starting this project, the canoe is almost done!

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