Installing the external gunwale and decks

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Canoe building factoid #6 — You go through a lot of latex gloves when building a canoe. I recommend buying them in bulk at Costco. The cashier may give you a funny look (buying 200 latex gloves at a go and all), but the sawdust on your ball cap and hardened epoxy on your jeans will bear testimony to the fact that you are not a proctologist.

A quick post to my legion of fans — is 3 a legion? — up to date. I spent some time torturing strips of ash to follow the outside contours of what is looking more and more like an almost finished canoe. It’s essentially the same process as installing the inner gunwale, but you don’t have to worry about length and such (although cutting the gunwale too short in either case is a sad situation). And you get to play with dozens and dozens of clamps. And you get to enunciate some new curse words.

The finished product, sans clamps, looks as follows:

In addition to the external gunwale, the bow and stern now feature decks made out of birds-eye maple.

canoe deck

And that’s it for now.

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