Glassing the inside

March 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been slow to update the blog, so here’s a quick update.

Last weekend, I recruited a friend to help me glass the inside of the canoe. It’s helpful to have an accomplice to mix the epoxy and catch the runs and drips and, of course, to enjoy a beverage when the work is done.

canoe building:fiberglassing the inside

Catching the wayward drips and removing excess epoxy…

You’ll notice the clips and clamps along the edge of the canoe. After a short while, we got rid of them. Once the glass is wetted out, they tend to get in the way and prevent the glass from properly adhering to the wood.

The finished product…

You’ll notice that I’ve started sanding the outside of the hull in anticipation of eventually varnishing it. The sanded bits look milky.

On a side note: The mind is a remarkable thing in that it is able to suppress unpleasant memories, so that when the unpleasantness occurs again, it’s new and fresh. To wit: I was again able to suppress the knowledge of how much sanding was involved in building a canoe. The very term “building a canoe” is misleading. Sanding is at least half of the effort and seems to bookend every phase of the project.

That said, now that the canoe is fully glassed, I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are the things that remain to be done:

  • building and installing inner and outer gunwales
  • mounting seats and yoke
  • mounting the decks
  • building and installing the bulkheads (something I’m debating)
  • sanding, sanding, and more sanding
  • drink some beer to celebrate the end of sanding
  • varnishing (and lightly sanding between coats)
  • drink some more beer to celebrate the completion of the project

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