Building canoe seats (part 1)

March 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

Because I want to hold off on fiberglassing until the weekend, I have several days on which I can work ahead on a couple of tasks. The first of these tasks is building the canoe seats.

This is one area in which free, how-to information is a little hard to come by on the internet, so I’ll take a little more time on this one in case anyone wants to avoid my mistakes.

The basic dimensions are as follows:

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Thirteen inches wide? Whose butt is thirteen inches wide?

And you’re absolutely right. It could have been wider, but I have faith that no one’s posterior will be too put out by the meager real estate of the seat (least of all my wife, for whom 13 inches will be no doubt spacious).

(Note: in later builds, I’ve used 13″ seats in the stern and 16-18″ seats in the bow.)

Moving on then…

I ripped some pieces of ash to about 1.5″ x 7/8″ and set about aligning the seat. Note the clever use of the table saw as a work surface. I really do need a real shop at some point…

While the whole thing was clamped, I drilled some countersunk holes. I then glued the ends and used some wood screws to keep the frame assembled. I then glued dowels into the holes.

And voila, in short order four seat frames are done. I’ll cover the sanding and webbing in another post.

Why four seats?

Because there will be more canoes. Oh yes, there will be more….

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§ One Response to Building canoe seats (part 1)

  • Bob says:

    Thank you for this great help for all of us who enjoy woodworking and doing our own repairs. You’re right that this kind of help is hard to find on the internet, but you’ve provided just the assistance I need to make some replacement seats for my old canoe. I appreciate your sharing, especially the idea of support dowels in the joints.

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