Mounting station forms

January 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

Before mounting the forms permanently to the strongback, I tack them on using brad nails. This keeps the forms in place but allows me to fine-tune their position.

canoe building: mounting station forms

When all the forms are in place, I use a laser level and run the beam along the centerline of the forms. In this way, it’s easy to see if any of the forms are out of alignment.

Then I look along the lines that represent the waterline of the canoe. They should all line up. If one is lower or higher, the canoe will have a bump.

At this point, I permanently screw the forms to the strongback.

More for my own peace of mind than anything else, I then measure from bow to stern on the port side and again on the starboard side. Both measurements should be the same. If not, something’s off — perhaps the bow or stern forms are not properly aligned, or one of the forms is off somehow.

That’s essentially it for mounting the station forms. I again invite my family to admire the progress. Wow, they say. It’s big, state the more verbose of the bunch.

I”m happy though. This is another one of those milestones in building the canoe. Right now it looks like a skeleton, but in my mind’s eye I can picture it sheathed in cedar strips.

Now it’s time to transform those cedar planks into strips and make some sawdust!

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